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The Art of Product Management – Conversation Contest

My friend Rich Mironov, chief marketing officer at Enthiosys, recently published The Art of Product Management, and was kind enough to send me a free copy.  The essays he shares in the book make great conversation starters for product managers.  Tyner Blain is giving away a free copy to someone who participates in the product management conversations.  Read on to see how you can win.

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Tyner Blain Supports Gravatars!

gravatar logo

Gravatars Make Your Comments Stand Out!

A GR avatar is a globally recognized avatar. This is an image that you’ve associated with one or more email addresses – and when you make a comment on a blog or in a forum that supports gravatars, your comment will appear like this:

comment with gravatar

When you don’t have a gravatar, your comment looks like this:

no gravatar comment

And even though you may say something brilliant, it loses a little something, so set up your gravatar today – it’s free and easy!

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Recycling An Active Listening Article


We’re dedicating our “blogging time” this week to doing some infrastructure upgrades – we have to address some security issues on the site. Until we get through these changes, we’ll be recycling some of our existing content. For our recent readers, it will be “new to you” and for our long time readers, we appreciate your patience. Today we look at one of our better received articles on active listening.

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Holiday Semi-Vacation


I’m taking a vacation thru the end of the year.  Hooray!  We’ve already written a series of short articles about migrating a development team to an agile process.  Those articles will appear over the next several days – we hope you enjoy them.

When I can get online, I will respond to comments and emails – thanks folks for the increasing levels of interactivity – you’re making Tyner Blain exactly what we want it to be – a place where folks share and learn and succeed!

Have a happy holiday and a fantastic new year, and enjoy the series