Scott Sehlhorst

I am a product management and strategy consultant, focusing currently on helping leaders improve the effectiveness of their organizations through improving practices of strategy deployment and business agility.

Changing the development process enables value, changing the product and strategy processes realizes value.

I am an adjunct professor in product management at Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv Business School; MSc in Technology Management

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Here are some recent recommendations from clients of Scott’s.

I feel compelled to provide my highest, unqualified recommendation for Scott Sehlhorst, and to speak to the impressive quality of the work he did on two critical strategic product initiatives. In terms of Product Management, I am rarely as impressed by the quality of peoples' work, their domain expertise and skills, and sense of ownership and accountability.

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Enterprise Clients

Large companies face significant challenges, adapting to competitive threats and changing global markets. I have had the privilege of working with the following outstanding companies:

  • First National Bank of Omaha ( – Enterprise transformation services; supporting executives across bank divisions in adapting prioritization and product strategy to agile development process transformation.
  • Sabre Airline Solutions ( – Strategy, portfolio, and product management activities supporting CMO and VP strategy. Direct execution, coaching, process and template development. Projects in business intelligence, customer experience, airline planning, reservations, operations areas.
  • Hewlett Packard ( – Product management for multiple products, and training of product and engineering teams in migration from waterfall to agile processes for the Palm group.
  • Health Net ( – Assessment and recommendations for process improvement for complex legacy systems and offshore development.
  • Mass Mutual ( – Training on Scrum and initial story workshop for a team kicking off a new project.
  • Zappos ( – Provided product management, market analysis, KPI and metric development driving 2010 and 2011 website product roadmap.
  • Orange ( – Coaching / Training for business process analyst team.
  • Initiate, an IBM Company ( – Provided mentoring, coaching, helping product team transition from waterfall to agile development processes.
  • Dell ( – Supported major global and regional strategic initiatives for the Dell Financial Services (DFS), small to medium business (SMB), reseller channel, and enterprise architecture & business architecture teams.
    • Identified and documented strategic and detailed requirements to drive deployment of a customer master (MDM) solution to support multiple divisions of Dell.
    • Documented and designed business processes and detailed requirements to drive IT support of the Sales Process Transformation program, changing the dynamic of call-center operations for Dell’s SMB group.
    • Developed requirements in support of multiple initiatives for Dell’s reseller channel, eliciting, reconciling and prioritizing varying global market needs by geographic region.
    • Documented strategic vision, developed supporting analyses, interviewed stakeholders, socialized ideas in support of global enterprise sales platform initiative for enterprise architecture team.
  • Pacific Life Insurance Company ( – Led business analyst team in development of processes, use cases, business rules and user needs to support a multi-year software migration project revamping Pacific Life’s sales force compensation system.
  • Avaya ( – Improved the IT team’s ability to focus on top-priority capabilities, to automate testing and delivery of complex software that supports their entire sales force and processes all product orders.


Helping people become product managers, and improve as product managers is important. Far too many people are simply placed in the role with none of the tools needed to succeed at it. I am honored and humbled by my experiences teaching many students over the years. In addition to formal and informal training and coaching as part of client engagements, I also teach product management publicly:

  • Dublin Institute of Technology ( – Visiting lecturer in the product management degree program 2012-2018. Teaching the product planning and process module.
  • Lviv Business School, Ukrainian Catholic University ( – Visiting lecturer in the MSc technology management degree program since 2016-2017 cohort. Teaching market-driven product strategy development module.
  • Professional Events (various) – Repeat speaker at IIBA, PMI chapters; product camp Austin, agile Austin on various topics agile, product management, and professional.

Start-ups and Services Providers

A start-up’s survival is dependent on making the right choices – building the right products, targeting the right markets, and hiring the right people to make it all happen.

Services companies with long term relationships with their clients are ideally positioned to solve their client’s most important problems. Service providers repeatedly engage me to provide specific expertise in support of their clients and their brands.

I  have had the privilege of working with the following exciting and innovative companies:

  • LeadingAgile ( – Developing product management practice, active executive coaching in enterprise transformation projects, SVP
  • AllClear ID ( – Provided product management and strategy consulting, both for new initiatives and existing systems.
  • Enthiosys ( – Provided product strategy and agile product management coaching and Scrum training  for Enthiosys clients.
  • OtherInbox ( – Developed personas, product pricing and positioning, capability prioritization, and business-model / cost analysis.
  • MCG International ( – Analyzed business processes and requirements, interviewed stakeholders and subject matter experts to develop use cases, domain diagrams, and detailed requirements for a billing application as a component of an online transaction processing (OLTP) solution for a leading provider of prepaid debit cards and services.
  • Seilevel ( – Worked with Seilevel consultants to help their clients redefine the way they create software requirements to achieve significant ROI on their projects.
  • Headspring ( – Helped Headspring improve the way they assess and approach requirements as part of developing best-in-class development practices and engagement models.
  • Versata ( – Helped Versata consultants to organize, manage, and communicate requirements as part of developing and customizing solutions for their customers.
  • Probusoft ( – Helped Probusoft refine their understanding of their target users and prioritize product requirements and features to best meet the needs of their customers.

Tyner Blain

Tyner Blain LLC was founded on May 5th, 2005. Tyner Blain provides agile product management and strategy consulting services to companies large and small, on initiatives from the strategic to the tactical. Scott is also available for white-label (3rd party) consulting engagements to help consulting companies deliver best-in-class services to their clients.

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