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This is an administrative post, to help organize the articles in our agile software development experiment. The feedback has been positive so far, so here we go…

Agile Project Article Category

All of the articles in this series will be tagged with “Agile Project: Ratings” as a category.  That page will show the articles in reverse chronological order.  As we go, or after we finish, we may add a separate page (like the foundation series index) to organize the articles logically.

I don’t have a particular graphic in mind yet, nor a logo or product name, so there will not be a common image to tie the articles together.  Articles will still be tagged with other relevant categories – for example, the “scope and vision” article will be tagged with “product management” and “project management” in addition to the “Agile Project: Ratings” tag.

Publishing Frequency

We will still try and do daily articles – although some days may have more than one article.  Each article will focus on a single element in the process.  Carmen requested (in the discussion on yesterday’s article) that we share the created documents.  That is an excellent idea.  Since we’re sharing them with you, they will probably only be in “blog format” and not created as formal word documents.

Part of the software development process is brainstorming / idea seeding, and iteration.  Individual ideas may get posted as articles that are otherwise not interesting – feel free to share feedback on any of those, or propose better ideas!

Helping Out

Join the discussion (and don’t forget to subscribe by email to the articles where you’re involved).  Provide feedback, and if we publish polls as a means to gather some data, please participate.

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