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We’re dedicating our “blogging time” this week to doing some infrastructure upgrades – we have to address some security issues on the site. Until we get through these changes, we’ll be recycling some of our existing content. For our recent readers, it will be “new to you” and for our long time readers, we appreciate your patience. Today we look at one of our better received articles on active listening.

Ten Supercharged Active Listening Skills To Make You More Successful [15 Mar 2007]

listening attentively

Active listening is about more than gaining understanding. Active listening is about giving. Giving assurance that you understand someone’s needs. Giving confidence that you will address those needs. Giving feedback and acknowledgement that someone’s input is valuable. If you haven’t tried active listening, you may think it is a passive, receptive activity. Here are ten active listening skills that will help you, your customers and your team.

Our active listening article goes into details on the following 10 Active Listening Tips:

  1. Acknowledging
  2. Restating
  3. Reflecting
  4. Interpreting
  5. Summarizing
  6. Probing
  7. Giving Feedback
  8. Supporting
  9. Checking Perceptions
  10. Being Quiet
  11. [Bonus] Extending

I hope you enjoy them and put them to good use – they really do make a difference

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