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Welcome Dr. Franke’s students in Analysis, Modeling and Design MCIS6310! Thanks again for inviting me to present to your class on requirements gathering and requirements management.

The presentation is available for download. You can get both the slides and the notes pages. The notes pages include additional content and links to articles for further reading on the individual topics.

For the rest of our readers – the presentation for the St. Edward’s class is primarily written for people with little exposure to formal requirements management processes. It does not go into the depth of most of our articles, and instead hopes to present a broad overview of what we do when managing and developing requirements.  The presentation is 34 pages (about 90 minutes speaking time)
If you’ve been reading Tyner Blain for the last few months, there is little new material. If you’re new to Tyner Blain, the presentation is worth a quick read. Although we didn’t record the presentation, the notes-pages will provide some additional context to the slides.

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