Prioritizing Software Requirements With Kano Analysis – Article Published cover

Pragmatic Marketing, through their print magazine, has published an article on Kano Analysis in vol 4, issue 3 (May/June 2006). The article was written by Scott Sehlhorst and represents a merging of two of the posts (1, 2) at Tyner Blain that focus on Kano Analysis. Special thanks to Krystin Benmoussa for doing a great job of editing the article! magazine includes some fantastic articles of particular interest to product managers and product marketing managers. There are over 50,000 subscribers to the printed form of the magazine, and back-issues are also available online. We’re honored to be included in this issue. Thanks to Steve Johnson at Pragmatic for suggesting it initially, and thanks to the awesome graphic designers that did the layout and graphics – they make the piece look fantastic in the print version.

Link to the online archive of the article: Prioritizing Software Requirements With Kano Analysis

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