Dilbert does product managers

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We won’t copy the image of the cartoon – but we’ll tell you that it opens with Alice: “I’ll need to know your requirements before I start to design the software.

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Great Dilbert products

dilbert book coverThe latest book (Nov 2005) from Scott Adams, Thriving on Vague Objectives

From D. Reller:

Another Dilbert collection, another great Dilbert collection. Highly recommended, of course, if you work in an IT/IS/MIS department, or just in an office. They never get old, or out-of-date. Mr. Adams hasn’t slowed down or backed off one bit – Ratbert the $100 million CEO-reject, multiple Wally updates, Dilbert and dating….

Reading too much to buy another book? Check out the DVDs
dvd cover art Dilbert – The Complete Series (1999)

From Adam Dukovich:

The voice acting is excellent. The characters all sound just as they would be expected to when reading the comic strip. Daniel Stern as Dilbert, Larry Miller as the clueless boss (who had to have been based off of one of Scott Adams’ bosses), Larry Charles as slacker engineer Wally, Kathy Griffin as Alice, the triangular-haired female engineer, and Chris Elliot as Dilbert’s sidekick Dogbert, not to mention a parade of guest stars, including Tom Green, Andy Dick, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jason Alexander. Put simply, this show had talent to burn.

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