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Traveling Product Manager

It’s fitting that I’m writing this from the exit row of an MD-80 this evening on the way home from a customer visit.  I almost didn’t get the exit row, but I did.  I tried for an upgrade to first class, but I was 15th in line – it was a busy flight with a lot of high-status frequent fliers ahead of me.  But I’m thrilled to be in the exit row, with the lap-room available to type up these tips that will help you travel.

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What Impacts Have You Seen From the Financial Crisis?

We all have seen the commentary from economists, speculators, and journalists.  The messages vary from gloom-and-doom to best-opportunity-ever.  Warren Buffet talks about being afraid when everyone is buying, and buying when everyone panics.  Jason Calacanis talks about tightening our belts (but also talks about opportunity).  The general message from venture capitalists seems to be “stop being silly, and start making rational business decisions.”  So what are you seeing in your neck of the woods?

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Foundation Series: SaaS Economics (Software as a Service)

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There are a bunch of new* ways of selling software these days.  SaaS (Software as a Service) has been in the consumer space for a while, and is making significant inroads into the enterprise software space today.    If you’re considering purchasing or using software, you should understand what SaaS means and how it is different from the software products of the past.*
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