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A long series of articles documenting the creation of a ratings site using agile practices both for management of requirements and development of the software. Collectively, these articles represent a case study in agile requirements management and agile software development.

Nexus – Make a Wish For What You Want

make a wish

Today we did a little refactoring of code, but otherwise took a quick break from development of nexus.

If you’ve ever had writer’s block, or struggled with a tough programming or representational problem, you know that one way to make progress is to walk away and then walk back. We did that today and reached a couple conclusions.

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Nexus – Alpha Release 3 Goes Live

nexus logo

Release 3 of nexus just went live!

  • Our initial alpha release was on May 17th after one month of requirements, design, implementation and testing.
  • The next release of nexus was on May 22nd after five days of implementation and minor tweaks to prioritization.
  • This release of nexus took ten days, and included significant functionality – as much or more than the first release.

Read on to get a quick overview of the changes.

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Nexus – More Progress on Implementation

under the hood

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend (or a great weekend even if not a holiday where you are). The implementation is moving forward for the bundles. The pending release now allows me to add, delete, re-order and edit items within a given bundle. The re-ordering is not good – you have to manually change the “position” of each item. While functional, this isn’t good enough to release – so I will be refactoring this tomorrow.

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