Nexus Launches!

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We’ve launched nexus today! We also fixed a big security hole and added the last of our early features.

New Feature

We added RSS feeds to nexus today. You can subscribe via the links in the sidebar for a feed of the latest articles, latest bundles, or latest reviews. The RSS feeds work just like the ones for your favorite blogs.

We’ve also added a help topic showing how to submit new articles, as well as a topic showing how to report bugs or request features (send an email to nexus at

We’ve also made a couple UI tweaks – the main one being that the drag-and-drop images now only appear for items in a bundle when the user is authorized to re-order the items.

Security Hole Plugged

There was a big giant security hole in nexus – anyone could delete items from bundles. Not just the item owner, or the bundle owner, or even registered users – anyone. Thanks to whoever it was that uncovered that bug for us. In the future – I’d rather get an email about a security hole than discover it “the hard way.” Nonetheless, the hole is closed now (I think).

Next for Nexus

There are no current plans to add updates to nexus – but we’re opening the doors to user requests. I will continue to add content to nexus, as will you, hopefully. As requests come in to make updates we will accommodate them as best we can. Please let us know (in comments on this article, or via email) what else you would like to see in nexus.

Next for the Tyner Blain Blog

Over the last two months, we’ve blogged solely about the nexus project – and that has been very successful from our perspective. We’ve had a lot of involvement from readers helping us to design nexus. I’ve made some great contacts and had some great conversations with people. And our subscriber base has continued to grow (over 10% since this project started).

Now that we have nexus available as a mechanism for everyone to promote great content, we’re going to switch back to the style of blogging we had been doing before. One thing I would like to do is dedicate one post per week to showcasing my favorite finds from nexus. I’ve subscribed to the article feed at nexus, which will help me stay on top of what’s happening.

I’m way overdue to respond to several “please look at this” emails including some site reviews and announcements that people have requested. I intend to cover these amidst other “classic” Tyner Blain articles. And I’m excited to get back to the more regular writing.

Next for Tyner Blain

We’re starting a new project this week, but it isn’t one that we’ll be sharing in the same way as nexus. We’re continuing to learn from the nexus project and applying that learning to our new projects moving forward.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped make nexus a reality – especially the most vocal contributors and early adopters. If you haven’t been using nexus because you were waiting for it to “stabilize” – wait no longer – sign up today.

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