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Each Friday, we highlight some of our favorite articles, bundles or reviews that people have submitted to nexus. Check out this week’s Friday Favorites…

Here are my favorites from the latest articles submitted at nexus. Check them out, rate them, review them.

Rules of Thumb – the three boxes, submitted by nilsdavis under product management.
To be successful, a product must not only do a better job on the process than what it is replacing (by a factor of 10 in some dimension), but also connect to the preceding and following processes without an impedance mismatch.

Process for Problem-Solving Meetings, submitted by rcauvin under project management.

In How to Make Meetings Work, Michael Doyle and David Straus detail a process for solving problems in meetings. This blog entry from the Cauvin blog summarizes the process and draws parallels to the product development process.

Four Implementation Styles for Workflow Tests, submitted by scott.sehlhorst under testing.

Article compares different approaches to testing the workflow of an application – specifically a web application. Detailed analysis of the maintenance & skill level tradeoffs for each approach. Also touches on Selenium and Watir approaches.

Four Modes of Seeking Information and How to Design For Them, submitted by scott.sehlhorst under interaction design.

Good information architecture article by Donna Maurer.Donna characterizes information seeking as happening in one of four modes (from the perspective of the seeker)

  1. Known-item
  2. Exploratory
  3. Don’t know what you need to know
  4. Re-finding

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