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Catalyze – A New Community Site For Us

catalyze logo From the FAQ:

What is the Catalyze community?
Catalyze is a new member-driven community for all professionals involved in the defining and designing software applications or websites. Catalyze is a place to share experiences, find resources, ask questions, offer opinions, get involved and network with other professionals engaged in defining and designing software applications and websites.

What is the goal of the Catalyze community?
The goal of the Catalyze community is to be the number one destination for software application definition and design professionals. Peer-based content is the most powerful force for change and learning in the world today. For the first time, that power is now in the hands of the professionals that define and design the world’s software.

Who are the target members of the Catalyze community?
If you are a Business Analyst, UI Designer, Information Architect, Interaction Designer, Usability or UX Professional, Product Manager, Project Manager or anyone else involved in the definition process of a software application, then you will find value in joining the Catalyze Community.

From looking at the site, it looks like some great opportunities for all of us

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Change is Bad? Mistakes are Worse

cart and horse
CNET ran an article about a month ago about how Microsoft Live Hotmail – the upgrade/replacement of Hotmail failed to win a lot of converts. Microsoft ultimately had to deliver a “classic” version of the new code base to mimic the behavior of the old software. CNET’s analysis, while accurate, was not particularly insightful. The analysis was done by a staff-writer / journalist, not a product manager.  The real problem is that Microsoft tried to do the wrong stuff – and failed anyway to meet their own goals.
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Planning for Effective Meetings

effective meetings

Jonathan Babcock has written a couple interesting articles on preparing for a review meeting. He touches on a couple generic “good ideas” and explores one critical idea in more detail. We focus on that detail – helping participants be prepared to participate – in this article. His articles, and this topic in general are useful to anyone who runs meetings that require participation from attendees – business analysts, product managers, and project managers, for example.
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Pragmatic Marketing Refines and Expands

pragmatic marketing logo

A lot has happened over the last two months while we were building out nexus. One very interesting thing is the big changes at Pragmatic Marketing. The “800 lb. gorilla in the product management space” has re-branded some of their online assets and introduced new products and services. For some of our readers this is old news (April for at least some of it), for the rest, this is a cool update or introduction.

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Nexus – Make a Wish For What You Want

make a wish

Today we did a little refactoring of code, but otherwise took a quick break from development of nexus.

If you’ve ever had writer’s block, or struggled with a tough programming or representational problem, you know that one way to make progress is to walk away and then walk back. We did that today and reached a couple conclusions.

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