Technorati rank – two steps forward, three steps back

ring the bell

Well, we had climbed from our lowly beginnings of 983,109 to a high point of 415,722 at the old domain yesterday.
We start over today at 1,054,428.

Other stats to live up to:

  • total page views at the old site – 3727 in 41 days = 91 views per day on average
  • heaviest traffic day – 3 Jan 2006 – 260 hits.
  • clawed our way to the top of for both “use case” and “foundation series”, as well as “requirements management”.
  • Most popular post: CRUDdy use cases and Shakespeare
  • Longest comment thread: 9 – (same post)

Stats to look forward to:

  • No more slowdowns of the website (now hosted via Yahoo)
  • Restoring good blogsearch rankings
  • A non-zero pagerank on google
  • Indexing by Yahoo (part of the hosting package)
  • The ability to customize the blog software with plug-ins (better stats, admin)
  • Ability to do polls

Let’s try a comment poll (until I get set up to do a real one):

Which is your favorite image on the blog?:

  1. The elmocerous
  2. Yorick’s skull
  3. The kitten
  4. Write-in-candidate

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