We’ve moved!

moving boxes

Welcome to our new home tynerblain.com/blog!
If you use feedburner, nothing should have changed (except all the permalinks are now in this domain) – you will still subscribe to the RSS for our blog via feeds.feedburner.com/TynerBlain. It should be completely seemless for you. I, however, have been unpacking boxes all night.

If you were accessing the site previously via tynerblain.wordpress.com, you will now have to use tynerblain.com/blog (or www.tynerblain.com/blog).

Please don’t add any more comments or links at the old domain – but please do add them here at our new home. We’re starting over from scratch with the search engines.

I’ve copied over all of the comments and posts in the archive, and updated all of the links in all of the posts.

Stuff left to do:

  • notify all of the external links about the new address
  • update the posts at the old domain to point to the new domain

Thanks for your patience, and please let me know if you find anything that’s broken (bad links, etc).


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