Flashback: A Year Ago This Week on Tyner Blain [2006-03-31]

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Feature Driven Development (FDD) Explained

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Feature driven development is a process that begins with high level planning to define the scope of the project, which then moves into incremental delivery. Each increment of delivery involves a design phase and an implementation phase. The scope of each increment is a single feature. Extreme programming (XP) is a much better known agile methodology. XP is often described as an emergent design process, in that no one knows what the finished product is going to be until the product is finished. FDD, by comparison, defines the overall scope of the project at the beginning, but does not define the details.

Passing the Wrong Whitebox Tests

broken link in chain

We’ve talked about the value of using whitebox testing in our Software testing series post on whitebox testing. What we haven’t explored is how to make sure we are creating the right tests. We have to validate our tests against the requirements. This post shows where the flaw is in the typical whitebox testing process, and how to fix it.

A reader emailed us with the comment, “It’s been my experience that developers can’t test their own code.” Their problem was that they were missing a link in the software development chain (missing a step in the process).

Four Application Development Outsourcing Models

The man behind the curtain

There are two distinct types of outsourcing. Bringing experts into our company, or sending work out of our company. Experts who join our team are “temporary team members” not “outsiders.” Sending work outside requires that we address several issues in communication, expectations, and accountability.

We will focus on the models for sending some of the work outside our company, to a team that operates in a very distant location and timezone.

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