Flashback: A Year Ago This Week on Tyner Blain [2006-02-03]

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Five Measures of Product Manager Performance


Joy posted a really good article last week at Seilevel’s requirements defined blog, Measuring product manager performance on internal system products. Her post is a followup to an extensive and heated debate that happened last fall on the Austin PMM forum. It’s a great forum to subscribe to – a lot of experienced people with strong opinions and steamer trunks full of anecdotal data – and they don’t all agree. You get to see the coin from all three sides* with this group – it’s awesome.

She puts together a summary of five reasonable, measurable metrics for Product Managers

Why Incremental Delivery Is Good


Incremental delivery is a key component of most software projects today – it allows us to deliver the most valuable elements of a system first, which allows our customers to start getting benefit from the system earlier. As additional features are developed, and additional use cases are enabled, they are delivered to the customers, who get incremental value from those features. This can have a significant impact on ROI projections for a project – and can be the difference between getting the deal and losing it.

Software Testing Series: The Top 3 Measurements of Quality

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The three most important things to understand about the quality of your software are the three things most relevant to your business and your stakeholders (and arguably, your boss).

Top three measurements of software quality

  1. How do people perceive our quality?
  2. How big of a problem is our quality?
  3. How bad is our software, really?

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