Process 2006 – Day 1 by Sandy Kemsley

Sandy Kemsley, of Column 2 fame, is blogging the Process 2006 convention “live” as it goes. Subscribe to her blog to stay on top of things. For now, here are the articles she’s posted from day 1.

Some choice quotes from Sandy’s posts:

“One thing that I really liked was his analogy about BPM: buying MS-Word doesn’t make you a novelist, and buying a BPMS doesn’t make you a process-oriented company.The technology is an important enabler, but there’s much more to it than that.”

“[OMG, we just hit a slide with 249 words — the print is getting smaller and smaller. Keith, you’re killing me!]”

“This is definitely the first presentation that I have ever seen, anywhere, that quotes Winnie the Pooh, and gives an example of strategic objectives as illustrated by Christopher Robin and Edward Bear. By the time he got to his main case study, which was the hospital administration process around having a vasectomy, I was wishing that he had been my prof at university.”

“Surprisingly, he then went on to talk about the emotional aspect of decision-making as it relates to customer centricity: how some decisions are almost purely emotional (like buying a convertible or having plastic surgery) and the financial practicalities of those decisions become less important. Not the argument that I expected from a reason-driven German banking COO, but he posits that being a customer-centric organization is understanding the balance between reason and emotion.”

I won’t tell you which quotes are from what articles – you’ll just have to check them out to find out more about the stuff you like. :)

Thanks Sandy for the blow-by-blow.

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