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Polls that gather the inputs of Tyner Blain’s readers.

How is SaaS Changing Product Management – A Research Thesis

Paddy Barrett in Ireland is preparing his Master’s thesis on Product Management and would like to interview (USA) state-side product managers for his primary research.   It would be awesome if you could help him, and help us all.

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Product Manager Role Details and Survey Results

Pragmatic Marketing runs an annual survey of product managers. We looked at 440 results from the 2006 Product Manager Survey to uncover the trends in how different product manager roles are defined. The survey involved questions breaking down the allocation of time to different activities. In this article we look at how those activities varied for product managers, product marketing managers, segment / market managers, and technical product managers.

CMMI and RMM One Minute Survey

See what CMMI levels and RMM levels other teams are using. Take a minute out of your day to tell us your CMMI level and RMM level. We all want to know, but we need your help – if you don’t answer, you won’t learn anything. Thanks for clicking through! And check back later to see the results as they come in.

Pragmatic Marketing 2006 Survey

The polls are open! Go to their announcement to take the annual Product Management and Marketing Survey! Then check our our post for links to previous survey results and trends.

Take this poll or we’ll shoot this kitten

[Ed: If you read Tyner Blain via RSS you have to visit the site to vote in the poll. Also, we'll use a camera.] An earlier post on CRUD use cases started a fantastic debate (both public and private) about what it means to write great software, and if it’s even possible to write good […]

Top Ten Use Case Mistakes

The top ten use case mistakes We’re reiterating the top five use case mistakes from Top five use case blunders and adding five more. For details on the first five, go back to that post. There’s also a poll at the end of this post – vote for the worst mistake. Inconsistency. Incorrectness. Wrong priorities. […]

Software Testing Series: Black Box vs White Box Testing

Should I use black box testing or white box testing for my software?

You will hear three answers to this question – black, white, and gray. We recently published a foundation series post on black box and white box testing – which serves as a good background document. We also mention greybox (or gray box) testing as a layered approach to combining both disciplines.

Given those definitions, let’s look at the pros and cons of each style of testing.

Foundation Series: Black Box and White Box Software Testing

Blackbox tests and whitebox tests.
These terms get thrown about quite a bit. In a previous post, we referenced Marc Clifton’s advanced unit testing series. If you were already familiar with the domain, his article could immediately build on that background knowledge and extend it.

Software testing can be most simply described as “for a given set of inputs into a software application, evaluate a set of outputs.” Software testing is a cause-and-effect analysis.

Use case series: UML 2.0 use case diagrams

The UML way to organize and manage use cases. Pros Provides a high level view of the use cases in a system, solution, or application. Clearly shows which actors perform which use cases, and how use cases combine to form business processes Cons Presents an “inside-out” view of the sytem. This description reflects “what it […]

Use case series: Informal Use Case

The informal use case is the tool of the Agile Requirements Manager. It is a paragraph describing the user’s goals and steps. Also referred to as a basic use case.