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Product Managers & Innovation

Thanks everyone for the great conversation in the most recent #prodmgmttalk chat session!  This week, Roger Cauvin inspired us to think about product managers as innovators – or enablers of innovation.  Each week, I find myself thinking about at least one of the #prodmgmttalk questions long after the hour is over.  This week’s thought – organizations prevent product managers from innovating.

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Market Insights and Collaboration

In this week’s #ProdMgmtTalk, one of the livelier discussion topics was around gaining insights into your market – and what does that mean (to you)? Steven Haines was the speaker for this session who prompted us to think, and pushed us to rethink our views on market insights.  What a great example of collaboration among product managers!

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Product Management Slowing You Down?

Does product management slow down your company?

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ProductCamp Austin Spring 2010

ProductCamp Austin is here again!  The Spring 2010 session is this Saturday, 27 March 2010 at the AT&T Conference Center on the UT campus in downtown Austin.  Make sure and say hi when you’re there!

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ProductCamp Austin Summer 2009

Austin’s 3rd UnConference for product managers and product marketing managers is coming up on August 15t.  If you’re in Austin or can come to Austin, you should definitely plan on participating – it’s free, and a great opportunity to network, share, and learn.

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ProductCamps and Class Diagrams

For you product managers out there – here are a couple upcoming productcamp unconferences.  For you business analysts, here’s an excuse to do a little domain modeling and practice your UML class diagram skills.

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Pragmatic Marketing Refines and Expands

A lot has happened over the last two months while we were building out nexus. One very interesting thing is the big changes at Pragmatic Marketing. The “800 lb. gorilla in the product management space” has re-branded some of their online assets and introduced new products and services. For some of our readers this is old news (April for at least some of it), for the rest, this is a cool update or introduction.

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2007 – The Year of the Business Analyst

Outsourcing is gaining momentum not only as a way to reduce costs, but as a way to create global teams. This trend is driving an increase in demand for business analysts. The change in perspective is driving companies to think about how they manage their business in new ways, and driving interest in new tools for business analysts to achieve these goals.

Ten Requirements Gathering Techniques

The BABoK (Business Analyst Body of Knowledge) lists 10 techniques for gathering requirements. Here’s an overview of each one. For more details, check out the latest Guide to the BABoK.

First IIBA Certification Exam And More

This is a bit of a potpourri post. Found some good stuff out there today, check it out. The first IIBA Exam just finished in Orlando Florida. Barbara was one of the 16 business analysts who took it. Read about her experience! Her post has inspired me to crack open my copy of the BABoK […]