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ProductCamp Austin is here again!  The Spring 2010 session is this Saturday, 27 March 2010 at the AT&T Conference Center on the UT campus in downtown Austin.  Make sure and say hi when you’re there!


ProductCamp is an unconference for product managers and product marketing professionals.  This is the fourth time Austin has had one – we were fast followers of the wildly successful Silicon Valley PCamp in 2008, which Rich Mironov was instrumental in getting off the ground and growing.  Paul Young is the guy who brought together the people in Austin to get our events off the ground.  Paul graciously deflects the credit for getting things going, but he deserves it regardless.

Check out Paul’s great description of ProductCamp. Here’s the key paragraph, if you’re on the fence about attending:

The sessions and networking are the main reason that people keep coming back. Over three ProductCamps, we’ve achieved over 98% of participants answering “yes” to the questions “would you come back to ProductCamp” and “would you recommend ProductCamp to a peer?” This high customer satisfaction is why our local community loves to come out – in droves. Last time, we had over 500 sign up and over 300 participate. This time we are limited by our venue and won’t be able to hold more than 300 or so, so register today and reserve your space. It’s free of course.

Sign Up Now

Today (Thursday) is the last chance to sign up, to give folks a few minutes to finalize planning for space, make name tags, etc.

You can sign up at the official website for PCamp Austin.  The doors open at 8:30, things get started at 9:00, sessions are from 10-4 (with provided lunch at noon), then awards and a happy hour at 4:30.

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41 Sessions have been proposed for this ProductCamp, so make sure and come, vote for your favorites, then enjoy them!

Leaf Launch

Very exciting news for this PCamp – Paul Young is launching his new product, Leaf!

From Paul: “Information overload is a problem that every product manager has.  Between email, phone, IM, tweets, status updates, geolocations, and keeping track of who knows what, just communicating can feel like a full-time job.  Social networking has amplified the problem – we now have access to more information than ever before – but how’s that working out for us?”

Does that sound like you?  You should attend his session, then.  I certainly will.

See you there!

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