2007 Product Manager Survey – Management Salaries

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We wrote previously about some of the salary data from Pragmatic Marketing’s 2007 Product Manager survey data. Since that time, we’ve had the opportunity to analyze the complete data set. One of our readers asked if we could crunch the numbers for more senior positions – directors and executives – who responded to the survey.

Senior Position Compensation

We looked at people who responded to the survey, identifying themselves as being either directors or executives, and we looked at the salary and bonus data they provided to calculate total compensation. We also broke out that data based upon reported years of experience.

Salary Data


These results show data based on 128 people who listed their title as director, and 58 people who identified themselves as executives. While a few directors listed very little experience, most fell into one of three buckets – 5+ years, 10+ years, and 15+ years experience. Executives predominantly have more than 10 years of experience.

On average, directors bring home $122,000 in salary, while executives earn an average of $150,000.

Bonus data

bonus data

The average bonus for directors was $23,000 and for executives, it was $47,000.

Total Compensation

total comp data

The average total compensation for directors was reported to be $145,000, and for executives it was $197,000. Half of the gap between directors and executives was in salary, and half of it was in bonuses.

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