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Is Agile Bad For Software Development?

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Last week, Ivan Chalif, a product manager / blogger, tapped into a thread criticising product managers for not adopting and espousing agile, or at least rapid-release techniques. In this article we look at Ivan’s comments and one of the articles that he referenced. We also share our own perspective and an alternative analysis of what may have happened.

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The Difference Between Use Cases and Test Cases

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People who are new to software, requirements, or testing often ask “What’s the difference between a use case and a test case?” This article answers that question, by building on earlier articles about use cases and use case scenarios. At the soundbite level, each use case has one or more scenarios, and each use case scenario would lead to the creation of one or more test cases.

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What Are Use Case Scenarios?


It is easy to mix up the definitions of use case and use case scenario. A use case represents the actions that are required to enable or abandon a goal. A use case has multiple “paths” that can be taken by any user at any one time. A use case scenario is a single path through the use case. This article provides an example use case and some diagrams to help visualize the concept.

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Four Phases of Implementation

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Jacques Murphy Describes the Four Phases of Implementation at

Four Phases

When selling a software product to a customer, your customer tends to go through four phases of emotional satisfaction with their purchase.

  1. Oh Boy! – Excitement about the anticipated benefits of using your software.
  2. Oh Shoot! – Discouragement about the anticipated work required to use your software.
  3. Oh Well – Resignation that the work just needs to be done.
  4. Oh Wow! – Excitement about the realized benefits from your software.

Jacques writes a fun, easy, oh so true article about this experience. We’re adding a visual.

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Setting The Price for Your Software


Joel on Software writes a great article about how to set the price for your software to maximize profits.

Joel does a good job of explaining and exploring the economic theories behind pricing and balancing supply and demand. He then dives into market segmentation and how it applies to pricing. Finally, he addresses the marketing elements of pricing and perceived value. He takes us on a fun journey with an enjoyable read, even if he doesn’t get to the conclusion we all need. The thoughts and analysis are still helpful when thinking about pricing your software.

For more actionable advice, and generally everything about pricing, check out the Dollars and Sense blog by Reuben Swartz. A lot of good stuff there! He has a categories on software pricing, pricing strategy, and a lot more.