Little black book

little black book

I realized a few moments ago that I have been remiss in updating my little black book blogroll with some of the really good blogs that I read.

I thought I’d take a moment to shout out to them and thank them for some really great content that has helped us to our jobs better. I’ve also added these guys to the blogroll.

Free Usability Advice, the weblog of Expero, Inc. After you read our post on usability blunders, go to them for help. I’ve worked with Dr. Morkes in the past, and he’s one of the best. The blog is a good read too.

Cauvin, the weblog of Roger Cauvin. Roger is a product manager with a focus on outbound (e.g. marketing) product management. Not only does he post a lot of good content, he stays on top of things here and adds comments to several posts. Thanks for your inputs, and keep em coming. He touches on pragmatic marketing often, and recently got our attention with this post.

Harry Nieboer’s blog. Harry’s currently doing some work focusing on use cases, and developing a formal use case template. He’s also blogging about it. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Seilevel’s blog, requirements defined. They have the buzz here in Austin as a company that does requirements right. I’ve worked with a few of the Seilevel folks in the past, and they are top shelf. If you come to Tyner Blain and we can’t meet your needs, Seilevel is where we’ll send you. Their blog ranges from insights from veterans to experiences of people new to the field. Good topics. We posted about their upcoming event in Austin a little while ago.

James Shore has a consulting firm, Itanium I.T., with a focus on Agile practices. He recently won the Gordon Pask award for 2005 for contributions to the Agile community, and he has a blog that I enjoy.

You already know about Seth Godin’s blog (I hope).

Who else should we be reading? If you know of a good blog that you read (or write), send an email to (check_out_this_blog at tynerblain dot com).

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