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Tally the Score – Comparing Products Part 8

After building an understanding of which problems are important to your each customer you want to serve, and rating each competitive product , you’re ready to tally the scores and see how your product compares with your competition.  This tells you if you’re likely to crush it, and if not, lets you know where you should invest later.  This series on comparing products starts here if you need to get caught up.

And now, on to the finale…

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Rating Your Competition – Comparing Products Part 7

At this point in the product comparison series, you know who your customers are, which problems are important to them, and which products compete to solve those problems.  It’s time to score the competing products and see how the solutions your product provides (or will provide) will stack up.  This is the latest in a series on comparing products, jump back to the start of the series if you came here first, but hurry up :).

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