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Hidden Business Rule Example

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A business process is not just a sequence of steps.  A business process is a series of decisions and actions.  Some decisions are obvious and can be actively managed.  Some decisions are hidden, and until you discover them, you can’t manage or improve them.  Here is a real-world example of the discovery of a hidden enterprise decision.

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Requirements for Enterprise Architecture: First Look

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Traditional requirements happen after a multi-system architecture has been defined.

But what about the requirements that feed into that architecture? The requirements that drive the enterprise architecture decisions in the first place? We haven’t talked about those before.

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How To Draw an Asynchronous Process


Documenting processes is something most business analysts have to do. The goal of documenting the process is to communicate requirements. By establishing a shared understanding of the process, you can establish the context for the requirements. Easy processes are easy to draw and understand. When documenting a more complex process, you need to provide the same clarity and consistency. In this article we show how to document asynchronous process steps to maximize the clarity of the documentation.

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