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Specializing Generalist

The ideal agile team is made up of specializing generalists – but what does that really mean? ┬áThe goal isn’t to prevent functional silos of expertise, it is to allow people to cover for each other.

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Product Management Certification

Should product managers get certifications? Ask a Good Product Manager asked us to answer.

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Mozilla Director of Product Management Blog

The director of product management at Mozilla (makers of firefox) has started a blog, Sherman’s Blog, about how Mozilla approaches product management. From the first post on the Role of Product Management by (Mr.?) Sherman, I think this blog is likely to be one to watch.

Five Measures of Product Manager Performance

Joy posted a really good article last week at Seilevel’s requirements defined blog, Measuring product manager performance on internal system products. Her post is a followup to an extensive and heated debate that happened last fall on the Austin PMM forum. It’s a great forum to subscribe to – a lot of experienced people with […]