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Requirements Management Journey – Part 0

Requirements Management – I’m embarking on a journey to help several teams manage their requirements with their existing systems and tools.  This is the first in a series of articles, where the rubber meets the road.  I’ll look at both the theory and the realities of what works (and doesn’t) in practice.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride.
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Glossary of Terms

glossary of terms
Some books on how to write and manage requirements mention using a glossary. Most books on requirements don’t go into enough detail about either the importance of a glossary of terms, or the precise use of the glossary of terms. Or if they do, they under-emphasize the benefits of a well-defined glossary of terms. Walking a day in the moccasins of a business rules analyst helps us all appreciate the importance of a well-managed glossary of terms.

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Business Rules And Requirements – Early Thoughts


We had a great interview with James Taylor a couple weeks ago, where we talked about his new book, Smart (Enough) Systems, co-authored with Neil Raden.

James is an expert on decision management systems. I spent the late 1990s working on “rules-centric” software systems that allowed us to isolate rules and manage them seperately from other software requirements.

Traditional structured requirements approaches focus on the gathering and management of software requirements, but they gloss over the gathering and management of business rules.

James and I are exploring the best ways to bring these two points of view together.

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