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APR: Information Architecture – Faceted Navigation


In our previous article in the series on the development of nexus, we discussed navigation and information architecture. We identified the challenge of filtering articles by category and by level of experience (beginner / expert), while also viewing the articles along a characteristic (most-viewed, highest-rated, etc). Between both url-creation and visible site-navigation, the challenge we explored was how to present one facet or dimension as primary and others as secondary.

One of our readers presented a third alternative – faceted navigation.

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APR: Information Architecture Challenge

Challenging Architecture

We have an interesting information architecture challenge as part of our agile project. We have talked about browsing and searching articles organized both by category (product management, business analysis, etc) and by level of expertise (beginner, expert). We’re also rating and reviewing the articles, which introduces the ideas of “latest”, “most reviewed”, “highest rated”, etc.

This presents us with a three-dimensional way to approach structuring the information and navigation of the site.

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First Five Capistrano “Oh Crap! Oh No!” Tips


In a slight segue from our agile project articles, here are five tips that may help other first time Ruby on Rails / Capistrano deployments. Even with the great resources available on the internet, there were some unexpected and obscure hurdles for a new-to-rails developer to get a site up and running. While Ruby favors convention over configuration, not all hosts are set up with the same conventions – so there isn’t much help available for the really weird problems.

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APR: Thanks to AustinOnRails Guys!

rock star

Thanks very much to the rock stars who helped us out tonight. Some of these rockstars are former coworkers of mine, and I believe are all active in – next meeting is Tuesday (see the website for more details).

In alphabetical order – everyone chimed in to fix, coach and teach at one point or another.Thanks very much to…

I hope the links send some visitors your way, and thanks again!

APR: Fighting With Deployment Issues


Sorry about not going live over the weekend. I’ve been fighting with some deployment issues in getting things running on our host server. In some sense, this is to be expected, as we’ve never done it before, and there is a whole lot of new technology for us. So, we’ve found some folks with Ruby on Rails experience, and they are going to help us debug whatever we were doing wrong.

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