How is SaaS Changing Product Management – A Research Thesis

Paddy Barrett in Ireland is preparing his Master’s thesis on Product Management and would like to interview (USA) state-side product managers for his primary research.   It would be awesome if you could help him, and help us all.

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Whole Product Game

How can Theodore Levitt’s classic Whole Product approach help with defining a product roadmap?  I’ve been revisiting his concepts and their use recently, thinking about how to revise them for some exercises I’ve been doing with product teams.

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Why Write Requirements

There is a lot of advice out there for how to write requirements. There is not as much discussion about why to write requirements. Spend some time thinking about why you write requirements before you make decisions about how to write your requirements.

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Is Agile Really Cheaper?

There are several ways to answer the question “is agile cheaper than waterfall?” Here are two of my favorites:

“It depends. Agile done well is cheaper, as long as you measure correctly.”

“You’re asking the wrong question. The right question is: is agile better?”

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Cargo Cult Requirements

Is your team focusing on the mechanics of creating good software, without understanding the connections from your efforts to your goals? Are you primarily focused on the structure of use cases, the syntax of user stories, and the cardinality of your domain diagrams? All of these things are important to effective communication – but if this is your primary focus, you may be in a cargo-cult environment.

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