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Watson from Intellext

OK, you have to go download Watson, which provides contextual search (of the web, from your desktop).

The context that it uses is whatever application is open on your desktop – specifically MS Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, IE and Firefox.

This morning I was working on a “How to design unit tests” document for my client, and I opened Watson, and I can’t tell you how good all of the links were, because the first one was so perfect. (Advanced Unit Testing, Part I – Overview, By Marc Clifton). While I was working away, I wanted to find a good link to an explanation of pair-wise testing, and in an intuitive place in the Watson UI was a widget that let me narrow my results – I entered “pair-wise”, and boom – first link again. It shows up as a sidebar on your desktop (like Trillian, ICQ and others), and can be minimized to the system tray (a lightbulb icon)
I can’t tell you anything else about it yet, because I haven’t spent more than a total of 20 seconds interacting with the interface. To me, that’s high praise for the UI. And probably record time for clearing the suck-threshold.