Kano Analysis for Product Managers

Kano Analysis, while initially created to understand customer satisfaction with features, can be used by product managers to better understand customer problems.  I gave a presentation last week for the Product Management View webinar series on Kano Analysis for product managers.

Kano Analysis – The Webinar

You can watch (flash) or listen to (mp3) the webinar (just under an hour) at the Product Management View webinar page for the Kano Analysis presentation.  I delivered the webinar on Sep 23rd, 2009.  Thanks Val Workman for inviting me to join the group and share an hour with a bunch of great folks.  Also, thanks to the people who asked questions, tweeted, and commented on the presentation.  I really appreciate it.

Kano Analysis – The Slides

If you want to flip through the slides to get a feel for the treatment I gave to Kano Analysis before committing an hour to the webinar, you can do so right here (or view the Kano Analysis slides on slideshare.net).

Thanks again to everyone, and if you have any feedback, include it below or on the PMV site.  Several links to other articles about Kano Analysis are in the comments on the PMV page, if you want to do further research.

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  6. Scott – I can get to the slideshare version but the link to the flash/mp3 versions takes me to a rymatech.com dns_server_failure. Do you have an alternative url for this? Thanks, Mark

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