2009 Bad Usability Calendar

Netlife Research brings us the 2009 Bad Usability calendar.  Get it while it’s hot.

Download it from the 2009 bad usability calendar page on their website.  Or check out our article from last year for the 2007-2008 bad usability calendars.  They really do have some great points to make.  Two in particular got my attention this year – any guesses which months?

Last year, over 100K copies were downloaded.  Act now and be on the bleeding edge of the first 2% to download for 2009.

3 thoughts on “2009 Bad Usability Calendar

  1. Scott,

    I would guess January and February. The calendar for the month of January is utterly confusing (the days of the week are in some random order, the week numbers are wrong and the date of Jan 1 2009 is in the middle of the calendar) and the calendar for the month of February expects the user to do a lot of work (like enter each date in the month to know the day of the week). BTW, did you notice that the preceding sentence was quite long and it would have been better to break it up?

    Inder P Singh

    1. Thanks, Inder! August tickles me because I’ve seen it so often. May makes me happy as well – too often, people build stuff instead of solving problems. Great reminder there.

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