ProductCamp Austin 2008

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No, not that kind of camp.

Product Camp

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Austin is having our first product camp – an unconference. The agile development world has been running very successful bar-camps for a while now, a way to have a conference without having a conference. The product managers in silicon valley successfully held their own product camp (called p-camp) on March 15th of this year. Not to be outdone, Austin is hosting our very own productcamp!

Paul Young, of Product Beautiful, is the instigator of this wonderful madness. With the help of Pragmatic Marketing’s John Milburn, Cauvin Inc.’s Roger Cauvin, Rob Grady, he is making things happen!

From Paul’s announcement:

I’m happy to announce that we are going to be running Austin’s first ProductCamp. Much like BarCamp, ProductCamp is a collaborative, user run event, except where BarCamp is often focused around topics interesting to Developers, ProductCamp will be focused Product Management and Marketing topics.

Announcing ProductCamp Austin

Here are the event details from the official ProductCamp wiki:


Saturday June 14th, 2008, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


St. Edward’s University Professional Education Center (PEC)
9420 Research Blvd
Echelon III Building
Austin, Texas 78759
(512) 346-8110

ProductCamp Austin wiki

Roger put the call to arms best:

There are two ways you can get more info or get involved:

  1. Go to the wiki (collaborative web site) and sign up as a participant.
  2. Join the planning group on Google.

Everyone interested in product management, marketing, and developments processes is invited, but we encourage attendees to participate (volunteer for setup/teardown, speak, lead a roundtable, set up wifi, etc.) in some fashion.


So sign up, participate in the planning, make travel plans if you’re unlucky and live somewhere other than Austin, and COME TO PRODUCTCAMP.  Make sure and check out the ProductCamp Austin wiki to see (or add) topics of interest – or to offer to present or participate!

[psst: hey business analysts – you do a lot of this stuff too.  you don’t have to print up business cards that say “Product Manager” in order to deal with prioritization, requirements, politics, off-shoring, competitive analysis, market research, time management, roi, etc.  so don’t feel excluded – participate!]

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