Flashback: This Week in the Past on Tyner Blain [Dec 29]

A look back at the best from this week in the past

Top Five Use Case Blunders


We all make mistakes. When we mess up use cases, it is most likely one of these five things.

Managing Requirements Conversations


In Documents vs. Conversations, on the Pyre blog, Greg Wilson does that thing that we so rarely do – he takes a step back, and thinks from an entirely different perspective about managing requirements. He proposes the idea of managing requirements as conversations, instead of as documents.

Why We Should Invest in Requirements Management


Need to convince someone in your management chain why they should invest in managing requirements? There are some great arguments in this post by sudhakar –

Agile RUP for Product Development : Best Practices of Requirements Collection .

There is a lot more in the post, but the key high level “Why should we invest in managing our software projects?” answers are summarized from several research reports:

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