Pragmatic Marketing 2007 Survey

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Previous Results

Here are the results from previous years surveys, compiled by Pragmatic Marketing.

Detailed 2006 Analysis

We did some more detailed analyses of the 2006 data.

Product Manager Role Details and Survey Results

survey resultsPragmatic Marketing runs an annual survey of product managers. We looked at 440 results from the 2006 Product Manager Survey to uncover the trends in how different product manager roles are defined. The survey involved questions breaking down the allocation of time to different activities. In this article we look at how those activities varied for product managers, product marketing managers, segment / market managers, and technical product managers.

Product Management Glass Ceiling Cracked

glass ceiling

Pragmatic Marketing released their 2006 product manager survey results. At first glance, there appears to be a huge disparity in compensation between male and female product managers. When we look in more detail, the evidence does not support that conclusion.

Product Manager Staffing Levels


One of our readers is working on determining product manager staffing levels for her company. While every company is different, it always helps to understand where our peers are. We do some in-depth analysis of the 2006 Pragmatic Marketing product management and marketing survey to see how other companies set their staffing levels.

Product Manager Salary Survey – More 2006 Results


Trying to unearth more trends in the 2006 salary data from the Pragmatic Marketing annual product management and marketing survey. In this article, we look at total compensation relative to the revenue of the managed products, the company size, and the company age. More fun with numbers.

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