Flashback: A Year Ago This Week on Tyner Blain [2006-09-22]


A look back at the best from a year ago.

Before and After: A Rule for Improving Processes


Nils proposes his rule of three boxes as a consideration when developing software or software features to improve business processes. In short, make sure that you can actually execute the new process. It isn’t enough to create a good “replacement process” – you have to be able to transition to the new process and then back out of it. The new process is plugged into a business ecosystem, and it must coexist with the existing processes.

Flesh Out Those Wireframes

wireframe man(John Richards)

Stephen Turbek, at Boxes and Arrows, tells us how to get better results from our wireframes. Wireframe prototyping can provide feedback early in the design cycle, reducing costs and improving the quality of the final software. By putting a little flesh on the bone, we can get even better results.

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