Flashback: A Year Ago This Week on Tyner Blain [2006-07-21]

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A look back at the best from a year ago.

Communicating Intent With Implementers

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Giving a functional spec to developers and testers is not sufficient for creating great software. To a developer, a spec is only the what and not the why. And for a tester, the software requirements specification is neither. Use cases provide the why that explains the intent of the system for the implementation team.

Foundation Series: Business Process Modeling


Business Process Modeling (BPM) allows us to increase our understanding of business processes and improve communication with stakeholders and implementation teams. Business analysts will create diagrams that represent business processes. These diagrams can be used to elicit requirements, define scope, and improve communication within the team.

Communicating A Release Schedule With Use Cases

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We manage release schedules with project management. We manage customer expectations with consulting skills. How do we manage customer expectations about release schedules? With Use Cases.

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