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Each Friday, we highlight some of our favorite articles, bundles or reviews that people have submitted to nexus. Check out this week’s Friday Favorites…

Requirements Traceability filed under business analysis and project management

An introductory article about making sure you vesion control and maintain traceability over your requirements.Requirements traceability is an important asect of good requirements management. If you are new to requirements management or business analysis this is a good introduction to some good practices.

The V Model; A Testing and Validation Model filed under business analysis, project management, and testing

This link is to a series of blog posts on the V-model. The V-model is a testing and validation framework for software development projects.

This article is useful for business analysts new to the software development world and highlights key quality gates in the development and implementation of software. The articles focus on what a Business Analyst or Project Manager should know about the process.

It Is Still The Requirements filed under business analysis

Identifies the assumptions most commonly made by business analysts. Also provides high-level steps for how to avoid those assumptions

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