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Each Friday, we highlight some of our favorite articles, bundles or reviews that people have submitted to nexus. Check out this week’s Friday Favorites…

User Experience Design filed under interaction design

Peter Morville on information architecture and the user-experience honeycomb
I’ve been practicing information architecture since 1994, and from Gopher to Google have seen dramatic changes in the landscape of organization, search and retrieval.

Through these ten tempestuous years, I’ve found the infamous three circle diagram to be a great tool for explaining how and why we must strike a unique balance on each project between business goals and context, user needs and behavior, and the available mix of content.

Requirements Model 2 – The Decision Tree filed under product management and business analysis

Good explanation of how to create a decision tree as a visual artifact when gathering requirements

UML 2 State Machine Diagrams filed under product management, business analysis, agile development

Overview, explanations, and details from Scott Ambler. This documentation approach can be used for agile and non-agile processes. It can also be used for product management / development and for business analysis.

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