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Each Friday, we highlight some of our favorite articles, bundles or reviews that people have submitted to nexus. Check out this week’s Friday Favorites…

10 Commandments of Product Management #1 in product management.

Michael Shrivathsan’s article Know Thy Customer.

Details on the following five approaches to understanding your customers better:

  1. Listen to customers.
  2. Usability tests.
  3. Follow-me-home.
  4. Walk-a-mile.
  5. Customer surveys and focus groups.

Why Use Tasks? in agile development

Lists 9 reasons why your dev team will benefit from dividing user stories into tasks. A couple of paragraphs of detail for each reason.

Pioneering A User Experience (UX) Process in interaction design

Amy Hillman and the Boxes & Arrows staff walk through how to approach, justify and manage the first UX project for your company

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