APR: Screenshots – Build 0060


Download the screenshots of the first iteration (build 0060) of the ratings site in this article.


Full size screenshots of build 0060 can be downloaded from tynerblain (zip, 400kb). For the folks who want to get a look at the static version, grab the shots here. They have nice descriptive names:

  • add an article.jpg
  • logged in.jpg
  • login.jpg
  • main page of site.jpg
  • navbar.jpg
  • signup.jpg
  • top rated.jpg
  • your articles.jpg

If you have any feedback, please share it – either here in the discussion, or in private email if you prefer.

Note: The “About” and “Help” links are intentionally struck-through, since they don’t have content yet.

Also – you should know that this is a good sign, I’ve got the dev machine running again. Now to get the test suite running again.

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