Flashback: A Year Ago This Week on Tyner Blain [2006-03-03]

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Prioritizing Software Requirements – Kano Take Two

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In our previous post on Kano requirements classification, we introduced the concepts and showed how to apply them. One of our readers commented privately that we didn’t show how to use the techniques for prioritization. We’ll do that in this post. Thanks very much for the feedback!

The Code Freeze is Killing the Dinosaurs

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The software development process for most companies has a flow – gather requirements, design, implement, test, release. There can be feedback loops, iterative cycles, spirals or waterfalls, but they all have these steps. When teams “freeze the code” and submit to test, they are creating their own mini-ice age and dooming themselves to extinction.

Foundation Series: User Experience Disciplines


UX, pronounced you-ex, is the shorthand for user-experience. It represents the science and art of tailoring the experience that users have with a product – in our case, software. UX is a relatively new term, rapidly overtaking HCI (human-computer interface) and CHI (computer-human interface) as the acronym du jour. There are several disciplines within this field, we’ll introduce each of them.

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