Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

From Bobby Knight, paraphrased by Mark Cuban, via Marcus Ting-A-Kee:

Everyone has got the will to win, it’s only those with the will to prepare, that do win.

Great Advice!

Great Advice Applied

  • Make Your Meetings 60% More Effective. A major component of more effective meetings is the up-front preparation. By planning the meeting in advance, we can make sure we know our goals and how we will meet them.
  • Crossing The Desert With Bad Project Planning. When teams over-work to meet an interim milestone, they risk burnout before the project is done. Better planning will prevent this burnout – and prevention is a lot easier than recovery.
  • Rolling-Wave Project Planning. With rolling-wave project planning, you maintain a detailed plan for a few weeks out from wherever you are, and a high-level plan beyond that point. The plan is revisited as each incremental delivery is completed.
  • Preparing For Requirements Gathering Interviews. Identify the unknowns and the questions and approaches that you’ll use in an interview to gather requirements. It is ok (even good) for the session to feel unscripted and free-flowing. But it better be flowing in the intended direction.

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