Ten Common Mistakes of Going Agile


This concludes and summarizes our winter-holiday series on the 10 common mistakes of going agile. The ten mistakes that Levent Gurses identified in the Dec 2006 edition of Dr. Dobb’s journal. Here are links to the ten previous articles, and a summary of the mistakes:

  1. Go All In
  2. Go Fast to Go Fast
  3. Ignore the Corporate Culture
  4. Fail to Identify the Sponsor
  5. Fail to Define Roles Within the Agile Team
  6. Do Not Create a Project Plan Before the First Two Iterations
  7. Overdo the Team-Room Concept
  8. Trash All Computer-Based Project Management and UML Tools
  9. Choose Your Key People Poorly
  10. Make Agile the New Religion

Thanks for reading them all, and we hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful holiday!

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