Bad Usability Calendar From Netlife Research

January from Netlife Research

What a great way to demonstrate 12 key usability concepts – creating a calendar where each concept is demonstrated.  You’ve heard the saying – “If you can’t be a good example, be a horrible warning.”  Here is that saying manifested in calendar form.

The Calendar

A Brilliant presentation of the importance of usability.  Brilliant because it is fun, and the ideas are all extremely well executed.  Thanks to Netlife Research for this!  And a hat tip to Jesper at  Netlife’s main site is in Norwegian, which will be a pleasent surprise for some of our readers.

The other twelve months of the calendar are available in a pdf (go to to get the download), and are really great.  My favorite ideas (cleverly done in calendar as examples of how not to do it):

  • Give All Pages Suitable Titles and Subtitles
  • Don’t let news and information take up too much space from the main focus
  • Use a language the users understand


Thanks, Jesper, and happy birthday – the one year mark is a big deal for a blog!  Jesper’s current “highest traffic post” is a roundup of 30 ajax tutorials.  Let’s see if we can push the bad usability calendar to the top of the list for year two of  Go check it out!

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