Outside Reading and Thanks!


For your weekend reading pleasure, an interview and an article.

An interview

The folks at brainmates have a product management consultancy in Sydney, Australia and also publish a great blog. They’ve been running a really good series of interviews with product managers. And today they published an interview with me. Humbling! Thanks again, guys! You should check them out and subscribe. More good interviews are sure to come.

An article

Pragmatic Marketing publishes a print magazine, productmarketing.com, with a large subscriber base (~50,000 readers, I think). They also post the magazine online, and the most recent issue just came out. You should subscribe to the magazine – it is free, and very very good.

Thanks very much to the folks at Pragmatic, I have an article in the latest issue. How to Use Timeboxes for Scheduling Software Delivery is an expansion on an earlier article we shared here. Check out the new improved version in their magazine.

Thanks to Tyner Blain Readers!

None of this would be possible without the support, word-of-mouth marketing, and encouragement that we get from all of you. Please accept my deepest thanks for everything!

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