Free BPMN Stencils for Visio 2003 and Visio 2002

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In support of our series of BPMN Tutorial posts, we’ve created a series of Visio 2003 stencils (*.vss) and a template (BPMN_Template.vst) of BPMN symbols. Anthony Britton has created a Visio 2002 version of the free stencils – thanks Anthony!

Download this free resource today courtesy of Tyner Blain!


We wrote an introduction to BPMN as a process diagramming approach on July 18th. We followed that with a series of 24 articles providing an introduction to diagramming with BPMN. We created stencils to support our BPMN diagram creation, and a template, to make it easy to create diagrams in Visio 2003. With Anthony’s contribution, you can also use these stencils with Visio 2002.


The 1.0 version of the stencils includes the following elements:

  • Start, End, and Intermediate Events
  • Tasks and Subprocesses
  • Gateways
  • Flow Elements
  • Artifacts


Download the 1.0 Version of BPMN Stencils and Template For Visio 2003 today.

Download the 1.0 Version of BPMN Stencils and Template For Visio 2002 today.


The contents of this zip file may be freely used for personal or commercial purposes. Modification or resale of this work is expressly prohibited without the consent of the author.

Redistribution/republication of these files is not permissable. Please direct people to this page for downloads. Any future updates or corrections to the files will be made available at that location.


Please add comments with any feedback or suggestions for improvement. Otherwise, enjoy the free stencils!

14 thoughts on “Free BPMN Stencils for Visio 2003 and Visio 2002

  1. Thank you so much for developing these stencils and making them available to the public. I am using Visio 2000, and every BPMN stencil that I had found before now was incompatible. Your Visio 2002 stencils work perfectly!

    1. I haven’t created one that is unique to Visio 2007 – but the Visio 2003 stencil will work in Visio 2007.

      Do you have any suggestions of special capabilities that 2007 uniquely has, that would be valuable to add to the existing stencil?

  2. Pingback: Peter Nelson
  3. Scott, thanks for publishing these stencils. I am working on my first BPMN flows in Visio 2003 and am very happy to have found your stencils.

  4. Pingback: Kevser Andersen
  5. Thank you very much for the stencils, they work nicely in my Visio 2007. It would be nice to have the BPMN 2.0 version, I guess we have to wait patiently. :-)

    Thanks again!

  6. Hi Scott

    I really appreciate your stencils, but I’d like to suggest an improvement: It would be great if you included a horizontal pool and lanes that snap, glue, resize automatically and don’t overlap, in the same way as those in Visio’s built-in cross-functional flowchart. I don’t use the built-in pool and lane because, 1) I don’t like the position of the title bar and the presence of the additional band below it; 2) it lacks a pool name braced over the lane headings; and, 3) perhaps most importantly: it won’t allow a separate, white box pool to be added to the same diagram (it wants to merge the lanes into the first pool). It’d be wonderful if you could emulate the built-in pool and lanes, but without the annoying features I mentioned.


    1. Thanks, Brandon, for the great suggestions. Unfortunately, I’m not updating these stencils – and haven’t used them personally in years. Maybe someone who is following the comments on this post can suggest a better set of stencils? Of course anyone is welcome to create new stencils based on these – possibly updating to support the current version of Visio. It may also be that a BPM-specific tool is available now that would work even better.

      Does anyone recommend a current product for BPMN diagramming?

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