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Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to a great, 30 minute, presentation by Barbara Nelson, Pragmatic Marketing instructor. Citrix is hosting a free webinar for (well, for everyone, I guess), in exchange for contact information. Barbara presents a great overview of the strategic role of product management, and Pragmatic’s framework. For people who’ve previously attended the PPM training, this is a good refresher – for other folks – if you want to know why product managers should be doing strategic work, check this out.

The Sales Pitch

Eric Choi presents a short (150 second) intro to the GoToMeeting Corporate brand and products before introducing Barbara. Not at all in-your-face, and a small price to pay for Barbara’s presentation.

One thing that is cool about (presumably) the Citrix GoToWebinar software is the ability to do “quick polls” in real time and demonstrate the results, during the webinar. The current webinar (that we can watch) is a recording of a session previously given to a live audience.


I still remember the palpable feeling of excitement when I first attended the PPM training (from Barbara, who is awesome!), and when she presented the case for a strategic focus on product management. I reviewed my notes from that part of the training, and the question isn’t “what did I write?” but “what didn’t I write down?” A continuous flow of good ideas.

Having absorbed and adopted this perspective, here are a couple of snippets about what jumps out as the most compelling ideas to me:

  • The role of product management is not defined as “stuff sales and dev don’t want to do.”
  • Product managers should be focused on defining problems in the market that are worth solving – not running demos, writing marketing copy, or specifying user interfaces.
  • If product managers are doing this stuff, who’s doing the strategic product management work?
  • Product managers support downstream processes in a way that ideally prevents fires, instead of putting them out.
  • Barbara’s approach to gap analysis, within Pragmatic’s framework, is very cool.

Where Is The Link?
Right here.

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