Business Analyst BOK 1.6 Just Released

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The IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) has just released version 1.6 of A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, or the BA BOK. This new release adds over 100 pages of content and is the first “essentially complete” version.

The IIBA was founded in 2003 with an exciting charter:

The IIBA is the independent non-profit professional association serving the growing field of Business Analysis. Whatever your role — requirements management, systems analysis, business analysis, requirements analysis, project management, or consulting, if you are involved in analysis for systems, business or process improvement, IIBA can help you do your job better.


The business analysis (BA) body of knowledge (bok) is a massive 329 page pdf ebook available at the IIBA home page (pdf direct), that strives to include “everything” needed for the very broad role of business analysts.

The Business Analysis Body of Knowledge is the sum of knowledge within the profession of Business Analysis and reflects what is considered currently accepted practice. As with other professions, the body of knowledge is defined and enhanced by the business
analysis professionals who apply it. The BOK describes Business Analysis areas of knowledge, their associated activities and tasks and the skills necessary to be effective in their execution.

BA BOK 1.6


The IIBA costs $95 per year in annual membership dues. There is an online forum for the IIBA.


Since we just pointed you to 329 pages to read over the weekend, we won’t write any more in this article. Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Business Analyst BOK 1.6 Just Released

  1. The link to the BA BOK V1.6 does not work on either site. IIBA or Tyner Blain. I have been performing analysis for 20+ years and would be interested in becoming apart of your organization and reading your take on BA process.

    Please let me know when the link has been fixed and what I can do to become apart of your group.

    Thank you,

    Vergie Allen

  2. Thanks Vergie, I’ll forward your comments to Kevin Brennan right now…

    Kevin is involved in the IIBA, we’re just observers (and stakeholders) here.

    Either way, welcome to Tyner Blain, and thanks for reading and commenting! I’ll also send you a copy in email – I have it on my hard drive.


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