What do you hate?

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What do you hate about Tyner Blain’s blog?

ack/nak posted a great idea – ask customers what they hate about you.

Seth Godin has a book – Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers, and in his free ebook, Flipping the Funnel, he expands on what he originally wrote. He talks about transitions:

  • Turning strangers into friends
  • Turning friends into customers
  • Turning customers into salespeople

Seth explains friends as:

I define your “friends” as the prospects you’ve earned permission to talk with—even though they haven’t turned
into customers yet. And your customers have crossed the Rubicon; they’ve been converted from total strangers
to interested friends, and then all the way to dedicated users of your product or service.

We think of strangers as first time visitors – welcome aboard. Friends are repeat visitors – welcome back. Customers have bookmarked us or subscribe to our feed (RSS) – thanks. Salespeople have linked to our articles or added us to their blogrolls – special thanks to you!
So, we ask you : What do you hate about Tyner Blain’s blog? Please tell us in the comments on this post, and thanks in advance.

4 thoughts on “What do you hate?

  1. Thanks Bob!

    I’ve removed the ads from the very top of the page throughout the site. The decision to have ads was a tough one – we didn’t want ads to reduce the benefits that our regular readers get from the site, but we’ve also been very happy with the contextual ads – software testing products on software testing pages, for example. We have tried to keep the ads both visible and unobtrusive, as they do help to pay for the hosting fees for the site.

    Thanks again for the feedback, and we’ll continue to keep our regular readers (our customers) in mind as we tweak any of the ads in the future.

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